Superbowl, Son and Fun

Luke and I had a blast last weekend. We were runners for USA Today at Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis.

Usually our father-son journeys revolve around attending concerts by our favorite bands, but this time we had the opportunity to help out longtime freelance client USA Today and their photographers by running memory cards back and forth to the photo workroom during the game.

I logged 14 miles and 36,800 steps during the night, while Luke registered 97 flights of stairs. My knees!

When we got home, one of the local TV stations did a neat little story on our experience:


Warm Weather Welcomed

It’s funny how I flew all the way to Florida to photograph a hunting scene, but I’m glad I did.

I love getting out of the deep freeze in January and February, and this Tractor Supply Company shoot in central Florida was a great break from the usual brutality of South Dakota winters. We photographed hunting, cattle roundup, dogs, horses and some other assorted lifestyle moments. 

Fun with the Squad

We love to have Luke’s friends up to the lake every summer. A great bunch of kids! This time is a bit different since all of them are heading to college in just a few weeks. They make the most of it, and we enjoy reliving our own youth watching them have so much fun.

Beanbag tournament by tiki torch light.

A few rounds of disc golf at Lake Poinsett State Park are always a must.

Double tubes make for some fast action.

Nice smallmouth, Luke!

Spring Migration

I love watching waterfowl make their way across the prairies of South Dakota each spring and fall.

Photographing it in the spring is a bit easier than fall; the ducks and geese aren’t quite as skittish from hunting pressure and they seem to be in larger groups in the spring too. Plus, it’s just nice to be out photographing again as the warm weather starts to wash over the land. By mid to late March, migration is usually in full swing.

Above are snow geese, while below are ringbill ducks.