Squirrel vs Owl

It doesn’t take much to entertain us in the dead of winter; a young great horned owl sitting in our tree can keep our attention for many minutes. But when a curious squirrel showed up to get a closer look, I was ready for whatever action ensued with the 500 f4. Sadly, nothing got more intimate or violent than what you see here. Maybe next time.

Shooting in Winter

tsc1Tracie, my good friend and art director for Tractor Supply Company, made the chilly trek up to South Dakota this week for a quick one-day shoot. We visited a farm family near Garretson and shot various work and play scenes. We were lucky to get a nice dusting of snow during the shoot as a bonus!

It’s rare that I get to shoot lifestyle work outdoors in South Dakota in the dead of winter, so this adventure was a fun treat.


Holiday Cheer

madrigalAnna performed at the head table in this year’s Madrigal Dinner at SDSU. That’s her in the blue/green combo, and she did a great job as usual.

Jodi and I caught two of the shows, while our boys attended one. It’s so fun to see your kids excel at something they love. And Anna is just the sort of ham to fit right into a Madrigal cast.

Winter’s Color


While working at the cabin on Lake Poinsett, sometimes I just have to get out of the house and drive around with a camera.

When it’s March, there’s not a ton of options out there. The only hope is to get out during sunrise or sunset, when the bleak white/brown or brown/white landscape gains some more interesting colors.

Above are some marsh grasses at sunset near Estelline, and below is an abandoned schoolhouse just a few miles from our cabin. schoolhouse

Icing Over

ducksThis time of year is always sad for me.

When the lakes start icing up, it means our wonderful waterfowl migration is nearly over, and the millions of ducks and geese that visit South Dakota each fall are about to disappear until spring.

I try and get out one last time each fall to capture new images of the spectacle, and this year it came early…we had a week of subzero temps that pretty much shooed everything south. Bye bye birdies.goose