Warm Weather Welcomed

It’s funny how I flew all the way to Florida to photograph a hunting scene, but I’m glad I did.

I love getting out of the deep freeze in January and February, and this Tractor Supply Company shoot in central Florida was a great break from the usual brutality of South Dakota winters. We photographed hunting, cattle roundup, dogs, horses and some other assorted lifestyle moments. 

Corporate Journalism

20161230_clips_004It’s fun to work on shoots where the client turns me loose to document anything that looks good through my viewfinder. Tractor Supply Company does a fine job of allowing me to shoot freely, and they do a great job putting me in position to succeed.

As a result, you can see my work displayed on a set of massive canvas banners in each of their 1,400 stores nationwide, along with images on their annual blue book and throughout their annual report, both of which are shown here. Their new corporate headquarters in Brentwood, Tennessee is also plastered with fine art from our shoots. A great client!

Starry Night

starsI love modern digital cameras. This is a 15-second exposure just after dusk, with my pickup’s headlights providing the illumination on the ground. Mother Nature did her part for the brilliance in the sky…this small image doesn’t do the scene justice. I need to spend more time doing night photography and timelapse.


norman1South Dakota is a great place to photograph cowboys.

They are tucked throughout the state, even a few in farm country in the eastern half. But west of the Missouri, they are commonplace and very visual.

I first photographed Kyle Norman when he was just a boy. I visited his family’s ranch to photograph their annual branding, and he was just starting to help out by roping calves and pulling them to the fire.

Nowadays, Kyle works on the ranch and breaks his own colts. I caught up with him at the outset of calving season with the intent to get some fresh images for an upcoming book. norman2Kyle dresses the part every single day, whether there’s a photographer there or not.norman3Flare alert!

Meet me in Vermont

blogTSCfoliageAh, Vermont in the fall.

Recently I worked with longtime client Tractor Supply Company to get some farm imagery with an autumn theme, and we had a great time shooting in the Green Mountains for a couple of days. We hit the beginning of the foliage, so the trees had a long way to go yet, but that’s what you get when you plan a shoot several weeks in advance. I was able to add on a “personal day” before the shoot, and spent it shooting the colors and also frolfing on two awesome disc golf courses. Great trip!

blogTSCvermont1Father and son and dog.

blogTSCcalvesBottle calves.

blogReneeOur trusty producer Renee holding the Tri-Grip.

blogTSCtracieArt director Tracie gets a boost onto a round bale.

One in a Million

DougLee2I worked on a fun shoot for the South Dakota Corn Council last week. It wasn’t only fun because the light was good and the subjects were friendly and photogenic, but also because I got to work with Doug Lee again.

Doug and I have known each other for many years, and he’s a fantastic video shooter. We often get lumped onto the same shoots because of our ability to work seamlessly together, share ideas and angles, and I think the agencies who hire us also have fun because of our nonstop good-natured verbal abuse of each other. It’s all in good fun.

Several years ago, Doug nearly died of Burkitt’s lymphoma. The events surrounding his discovery of the disease and the weeks and months following are a story worthy of a book, but the important thing is that he survived, and he is doing well.

We were amazed to discover that one of our subjects on this shoot, a young man in a close-knit farm family near Wessington, S.D, had also survived Burkitt’s lymphoma as a high school teenager. Needless to say, the two had plenty to talk about for the remainder of the day, and my last frame of the shoot is the two of them standing on a gravel road. It’s my favorite shot from the assignment. Survivors.