Fun with the Squad

We love to have Luke’s friends up to the lake every summer. A great bunch of kids! This time is a bit different since all of them are heading to college in just a few weeks. They make the most of it, and we enjoy reliving our own youth watching them have so much fun.

Beanbag tournament by tiki torch light.

A few rounds of disc golf at Lake Poinsett State Park are always a must.

Double tubes make for some fast action.

Nice smallmouth, Luke!

Holiday on the Water

fourthflagOur family loves the Fourth of July.

It’s right up there with Christmas, and when it comes to pure celebration, it probably overtakes it. Throw in some neices and a nephew, and it’s 3-4 days of water and sun and fireworks. fourthlukeWe had an awesome sunset the first night; lots of photos were taken. fourthcakeMy neice Carolyn has a July 1 birthday, so we traditionally have a cake for her each year. This year she’s 20!fourthpaddlersLuke and Jodi with air guitar and air bass.fourthpicnicLakeside picnics are the best!fourthannaA statement for the Second Amendment?!fourthfireworksWe watched the fireworks from the boat to avoid mosquitos. Some still found us!fourthgroupAnother Fourth of July in the books!

Story in South Dakota Magazine


I always love working with the fine folks at South Dakota Magazine; they do an awesome job and have been great promotors of my work for years.

They recently published a cover story about our cabin’s first year; it’s a photo essay of my personal photos documenting our adventures on Lake Poinsett. We’ve been getting lots of great feedback about it, especially from others around the lake who like the exposure given to our great lake.

The opening spread above shows our kids and some of their friends enjoying one of the incredible sunsets we constantly get to view from our place.


More sunset scenery, plus wildlife (both inside and outside the cabin)…


This is the cover photo used inside, plus a shot of Jack and his buddy Kellen exploring the shoreline.


Last but not least, a Fourth of July shot of nearby fireworks and Old Glory. Thanks again, South Dakota Magazine!

Back to the Lake

lakelightningAh, we love May at the lake. Winter is finally over (yes, we get blizzards in April often), the dock and boat are in, and the weekends hold the promise of getaway time at Shangri-Latza.

We get some vicious storms in May too; the shot above preceded a big thunderstorm that produced a tornado that passed just a couple of miles north of the lake. lakesunsetThe fishing has been great at Lake Poinsett too. Sunset brings all the boats to our cove, and we take part as well. This is the view from our dock as we fished.annafishWalleye for Anna!discgolfGoing to the lake isn’t completely about the water. The boys and I disc golf every weekend at one of the area courses and it’s a great way to get some male bonding under our belts.

Finally Finished!

poinsettwork6One year after we purchased it, Shangri-Latza is finished.

There were many winter weeks that I traded my camera for a hammer and worked toward a total interior renovation of our cabin. I did everything but the kitchen installation and staining of the knotty pine walls and alder doors and trim (I hate staining).

All that remains is exterior paint (it’s going to be red/brown instead of sterile white), which will be done in the spring. I spent a lot of 2-3 construction binges here throughout the winter of ’14-’15 and it cost us a ton of money, but we wanted to do it all at once instead of in stages over the years. It was mostly done by May, but I finally got around to making these photos recently. We had loads of fun here this summer!

poinsettwork2Here’s the reverse angle of the kitchen and dining area.

poinsettwork5The “reading nook,” which is my favorite place to take a load off and watch the water.

poinsettwork3One of three bedrooms.

poinsettwork1One of our two full bathrooms.

poinsettwork4And lastly, our four-season front porch, which has a great view of the lake and summer thunderstorms.

Hunting for the Light

BlogHunting1We’re fortunate to have some pretty good waterfowling in the Dakotas, and there are prime areas all around our Lake Poinsett cabin. Every now and then I get out with Rob Hatcher, a soccer dad who coached Anna for many years. On this day, his daughter Nicole joined us; she’s now a star soccer player for SDSU and loves any and all types of hunting. We got a great morning for both light and ducks…often I enjoy the photography of friends and family more than the hunting!

blogHunting2Rob sets out the decoys at the start of the day.

blogHunting3Rob’s dog and a downed Goldeneye.

Fading Summer…

calliEvery weekend we spend at the cabin is bittersweet…summer is coming to an end.

We’ve had a great time on the water at our new place. Lots of laughs, water sports, fishing and bonfires. It’s been a great place to unwind and get together with family and friends. Even though we will spend plenty of time there over the winter, it’s not quite the same as being able to get on the boat whenever you feel like it and just tool around the lake.


Time at the Lake

familyblogHere’s a shot of my family on a typical summer weekend evening.

There’s no better time than a day at the lake when the whole family is there. It’s getting harder and harder to accomplish, with the kids being pulled in so many different directions. Competition for their time is fierce.

So Jodi and I relish it whenever we can, and this weekend was one of those times.