Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I would love to report that our holiday was merry and gay, but mostly it was cold and snowy.

We got 19 inches of snow over the course of a three-day blizzard that spanned Christmas Day. Yes, we definitely had a white Christmas.

The boys could barely navigate the backyard, and are shown here laying atop a 4-foot tall snow drift. Many houses in our part of town had snow drifted all the way up to the gutters, and while it was fairly inconvenient, it definitely made Christmas memorable. This winter is shaping up to be the worst one since the legendary winter of 1996-97.


I’m guessing it could be a very interesting spring, complete with flooding pictures and lots of muddy fields. Bad for farmers, good for photographers. I’ll never forget how incredible the spring of 1997 was: I covered weeks of flooding for several news agencies and national newspapers and magazines, and of course that was the year that Grand Forks flooded.

Now if we can only keep the sump pump running…