Outdoor Time


Geocaching is fun.

Never heard of it? I hadn’t either, until just a couple of years ago. Geocaching is an outdoor sport of sorts, where you use a GPS handheld device to hunt small containers (caches) that others have left. There is a paper log inside, where you write down your username from geocaching.com and the date you found the cache. If the cache is big enough, there will be some cheap trinkets inside. The idea is that you take something from the cache, and also leave something in the cache. Maybe it’s a coupon for a free slushy at your local ice cream parlor, or a McDonalds Happy Meal toy, or a coin. But it’s not about the booty, it’s about the journey.

The boys and I love to get out each spring and geocache in local rec areas…basically it’s an excuse to shake off the remnants of winter and enjoy some time together outdoors. In the picture above, the boys have found a beaver-infested tree.

Try it!