Tennessee Jack

JackIt was a long three days.

The shoot was fun, don’t get me wrong…three days of lifestyle shooting in the Smoky Mountains of east Tennessee, all of it outdoors. But toward the end of shoots like that, the dawn-to-dusk kind, your creativity is challenged and your mind and body are looking toward dinner and a hotel bed.

But at the end of this shoot, we ran into Jack, the patriarch of the family whose farm we were shooting on. He was the kind of guy who relished telling stories to strangers, and we were only too happy to tuck inside a barn overhang and get out of the rain to listen. He talked about what a hard life it was growing up in these parts, and about how Dolly Parton lives just up the road and is a longtime family friend. He wore his years on his face, but his smile broke through all of that with each memory he dug up from the past.

We finally had to break away and load gear, but not before I snapped a few candids of him telling stories to the group. Jack is the kind of guy who you can listen to all day, and I wish we could have.