Winter’s Fog


Winter can be an ugly time in South Dakota.

Not only are the roads bad, the temperatures cold, and the days mostly dreary, but everything that used to be green in other seasons is now a blah shade of brown.

There are very few things that remedy this situation for a photographer (besides a trip to the tropics). But, when some of those things align, they can make for interesting photos.

This farm is located on the shores of Lake Sinai, which is a popular ice fishing location in the winter months. A buddy and I were drilling holes and trying our luck one recent morning, when we noticed a thin layer of fog slicing through our view of the farm. The trees on the farm were already flocked from overnight fog, but when the sun finally rose above the horizon, all these elements (the fog, the snow, the sunrise and the classic farm) came together for about three minutes to create this nice scene. It’s not a particularly great photo, but one that was only there for an instant…one of the main reasons I rarely go anywhere without a camera.

So when we get these unseasonably warm afternoons on the upper Plains, you might want to get up early the next morning and seek out your own strip of fog hovering over your summer haunts…you might be surprised at what you see when the sun rises.