White Season

WinterCoupleIf I had my say, all of my assignments would take place in the months of May, June, September and October.

The majority of my shooting is indeed done during these nice months, and July/August run a close second, but in a distant third place are the remaining six months: November through April.

Of course, if I want myself and my family to eat, I take all the assignments I can get during winter. There are some years when I have twice as much work in January than I do in July. Weird. You just never know.

To deal with the weather, I have taken it upon myself to work extra hard to make outdoor winter assignments work smoothly. I’m known for coming back with photos from each and every assignment, no matter how harsh, and I take delight in clients being surprised I got anything at all if the weather is particularly bad. That’s a badge of honor for me.

The couple above were photographed for AgStar, which needed to fill an annual report hole really, really fast. Winter be damned. So we did the best we could on the couple’s Minnesota farm, shooting for a few minutes at a time and then shuttling them back indoors for “skin breaks” so they wouldn’t completely turn red in the subzero cold. I think it worked out fine, and heck, they even look a little tan! Go figure.