Have boots, will travel

TSCmudIt was a really fun shoot in Ocala, Florida this week.

I was down there for Tractor Supply Company, photographing “farm fashion” for their summer pieces. We go south in the middle of winter to shoot summer clothing, and then we go north in the middle of summer to shoot winter clothing. We can’t shoot in-season since the schedule for clothing buyers doesn’t match up.

Anyway, as we wrapped the last day, my art director lost her iPhone in the swamp. We didn’t know if it had fallen in the water or on land, and so we searched into the evening, calling it repeatedly and having no luck. As we finished up, some of our models headed out to find us in the spongy pasture and before we could stop them (by yelling and waving our arms in the dark, like that was going to work), they got stuck.

Being the kind-hearted folks we are, we put our shoulders into the back end and pushed. In a mucky Florida cow pasture, that results in mud–and other stuff–getting all over our persons. In the picture above, it’s me, stylist Kylie, model Dallas and art director Tracie.

We were so tired that we just headed for a fine Italian restaurant, not bothering to clean up. To the wait staff’s credit, they just laughed it off and didn’t seem to mind. We told them it was just mud…