My Little Girl

AnnaSenior1 She was heading off to kindergarten just yesterday.

Or so it seems. I knew the day was coming, but it’s still hard to swallow the fact that your little girl is soon graduating from high school, and senior pictures need to be taken.

I don’t shoot senior pictures. Or at least I didn’t until Anna started her senior year. There’s no way I was going to turn the reins over to anyone else to capture her personality and spirit, and we had a fun time shooting all of them. AnnaSenior2 Anna plays guitar, and so having her look serious with a guitar slung over her shoulder was a perfect fit for her (but she’s rarely serious). AnnaSenior3 Next up was the Old Courthouse Museum in downtown Sioux Falls, which offers several great antique-style backgrounds. AnnaSenior4 Outdoorsy Anna.AnnaSenior5We wrapped things up (it was a 10-month process covering six separate shoots) with a mid-winter makeshift basement studio shoot, showing Anna with the mic. She’s a gifted singer, and so this was a great way to end the experience for both of us. This is probably my favorite shot of them all.

Thanks for the fun, Anna!

iPhone, not Nikon

AshWednesdayI really enjoy Instagram.

It gives me a reason to shoot quick photos when it doesn’t seem like my main camera is necessary. For fun, I’ve limited 100% of my Instagram photography to the iPhone; none of them are shot with a DSLR.

But often, I get done shooting one of those “quick photos” and realize that I should have pulled out the D4 after looking at the iPhone results. This Ash Wednesday photograph of my daughter is one of those examples; it would have made a really cool stock shot.

But the moment is gone. Next time, I’ll be ready with the Nikon.