KSU Color


It’s pretty in Kansas during spring.

When the snow is often still piled up back home, and the threat of it still lingers in the forecast, assignments anywhere down south help the mind.

And on the campus of Kansas State University in Manhattan, the color palatte–lots of purples to match the school color–erupts about this time each year. It’s a fun assignment each spring, and the colors are pretty good in the fall, too.

Think spring!


“C” Magazine Cover


Here’s the current cover of CHS’ magazine; it’s a shot of mine from the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota, used to illustrate a story on U.S. Energy policy.

Western North Dakota is like the 1880s Wild West. It’s just plumb crazy out there. Semi trucks everywhere, drilling rigs and pump jacks scattered to the horizon, and money flowing freely. Need a high-paying job and have some skills? You can get a six-figure job fairly easily in the Bakken. But come winter, you may be thinking twice about your decision to move to North Dakota!