My Little Singing Princess

twinsAllow me a brief moment to brag.

We had a great time in Minneapolis this weekend; my daughter Anna was invited to sing “God Bless America” during the seventh inning stretch of a Minnesota Twins MLB game, and she knocked it out of the park (pardon the pun). She celebrated her 18th birthday three days earlier.

Anna has been a┬ávery active singer since she was a toddler, and will continue to sing as a member of South Dakota State University’s concert choir this fall.

Proud papa here!


Fourth of July Family Fun


The Fourth of July rivals Christmas in our family.

We’ve been spending the holiday at Jodi’s family’s Fort Pierre house and on the adjacent Missouri River since we started dating, but we decided to sell the house last winter. So, something new was in order as we searched for a new tradition.

We rented a cabin in the Black Hills and still spent time on the water, but this time it was on crystal-clear (but cold!) mountain lakes and hiking around our state’s stunning landscape. The family photo above was taken on our pilgrimage to the summit of Harney Peak, South Dakota’s tallest mountain.

What a great holiday!

FourthJackJack with his cowboy hat at a Custer State Park chuckwagon.FourthLukeLuke atop Edelweiss Mountain.FourthAnnaAnna doing her parade wave while kneeboarding on Sheridan Lake. I have weird kids.