Chasing Trains

bnsf2I started working for Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad last year, and it’s as fun as it looks.

Chase trains and chase light at the same time? Sign me up.

I work with a videographer and producer on these shoots, and we usually have access to details about what types of engines, cargo and engine color scheme are coming down the line at any given time. We scout locations ahead of time, and we try to make all three critical elements line up at the same time (light, trains and location)…often after a high speed drive down country roads.

When the trains aren’t running, we go find where track work is happening or visit the yards to gather any photos we can during the downtime.

I remember playing for hours and hours with my electric train set…this is just the grown up version.bnsf5Track work at dusk, with sparks. Who doesn’t like shooting sparks in blue dusk light?!bnsf4Stretching out during the morning crew meeting. Kind of a funny sight.bnsf6Lots of portraits of tough-looking BNSF folks.bnsf3Long grain train on the open prairie.bnsf1Another gratuitous sunset silhouette. But the orange! The sun! The reflections!

Working with Farmers


Every year I photograph farms and farm families for South Dakota Wheat Growers, a grain marketing and agronomy company. We round up a few families, shoot the heck out of them for an afternoon or evening, and then move on. It’s a fun three-day journey, and the video crew, myself and the agency (Paulsen Marketing) all get along great.

Chasing light and meeting new farmers in my home state…doesn’t get much better.SDWGrollieGrizzled farmers and open barn doors make for good light.SDWGwalkersTired of sunsets and silhouettes? Sorry! But if my client wants ’em, I’m gonna shoot ’em. Oh, and lens flare too…