Time at the Lake

familyblogHere’s a shot of my family on a typical summer weekend evening.

There’s no better time than a day¬†at the lake when the whole family is there. It’s getting harder and harder to accomplish, with the kids being pulled in so many different directions. Competition for their time is fierce.

So Jodi and I relish it whenever we can, and this weekend was one of those times.


Utah Ramble

TSCbarnI love having spare time built into my shoots.

If it’s a relatively short shoot (1-2 days), and there’s nothing back home that’s too urgent, I take advantage of the free airfare and add a day onto the beginning or end of a scheduled assignment. Sometimes I get to see an awesome concert, sometimes I just wander the countryside looking for photos, and sometimes I just drive to see a new part of the country.

This time, I had the luxury of spending a day roaming northern Utah and even slipping into Idaho for a couple of hours. I ate well, did some disc golfing, and snapped a few roadside pictures like this one.