Getting Rattled

rattlesnakeblogThey are a fact of life here on the South Dakota prairie, especially on warm fall days. Rattlesnakes can surprise you with their telltale sound…or surprise you even more when you see one that you didn’t hear.

That was the case as I photographed a mother and her seven year-old daughter on the Missouri River bluffs near Chamberlain for a South Dakota Tourism assignment. Mom was walking along, and then took one HUGE step over a juvenile rattlesnake lounging at the edge of a grassy area. No warning rattle. It was a dangerous situation, since the young ones are the most potent; they haven’t yet learned to shut off the venom spigot once they start biting you and instead inject more than an adult would.

We continued the shoot with no further issues…but we checked the grass wherever we walked from then on.

riverblogLaRayne and Sage Woster along the Missouri River north of Chamberlain.

Meet me in Vermont

blogTSCfoliageAh, Vermont in the fall.

Recently I worked with longtime client Tractor Supply Company to get some farm imagery with an autumn theme, and we had a great time shooting in the Green Mountains for a couple of days. We hit the beginning of the foliage, so the trees had a long way to go yet, but that’s what you get when you plan a shoot several weeks in advance. I was able to add on a “personal day” before the shoot, and spent it shooting the colors and also frolfing on two awesome disc golf courses. Great trip!

blogTSCvermont1Father and son and dog.

blogTSCcalvesBottle calves.

blogReneeOur trusty producer Renee holding the Tri-Grip.

blogTSCtracieArt director Tracie gets a boost onto a round bale.