Grandma Lives

cactusA long time ago, my sister Barbie inherited Grandma Latza’s Christmas cactus. It’s hard to say how old it was even then; I remember watching it bloom as a young boy, so it was probably started sometime in the 1960s.

When my sister moved to Rome in 1995, we took over the cactus and since then it has blessed us with many impressive blooms during the winter months, often right through the Holiday season. It survived a nasty stem split a couple of years ago, and now there are two.

I like to think of grandma when the blooms brighten the winter days; thoughts of her brighten my days too.

Shooting in Winter

tsc1Tracie, my good friend and art director for Tractor Supply Company, made the chilly trek up to South Dakota this week for a quick one-day shoot. We visited a farm family near Garretson and shot various work and play scenes. We were lucky to get a nice dusting of snow during the shoot as a bonus!

It’s rare that I get to shoot lifestyle work outdoors in South Dakota in the dead of winter, so this adventure was a fun treat.