Back to the Lake

lakelightningAh, we love May at the lake. Winter is finally over (yes, we get blizzards in April often), the dock and boat are in, and the weekends hold the promise of getaway time at Shangri-Latza.

We get some vicious storms in May too; the shot above preceded a big thunderstorm that produced a tornado that passed just a couple of miles north of the lake.¬†lakesunsetThe fishing has been great at Lake Poinsett too. Sunset brings all the boats to our cove, and we take part as well. This is the view from our dock as we fished.annafishWalleye for Anna!discgolfGoing to the lake isn’t completely¬†about the water. The boys and I disc golf every weekend at one of the area courses and it’s a great way to get some male bonding under our belts.

Starry Night

starsI love modern digital cameras. This is a 15-second exposure just after dusk, with my pickup’s headlights providing the illumination on the ground. Mother Nature did her part for the brilliance in the sky…this small image doesn’t do the scene justice. I need to spend more time doing night photography and timelapse.