Holiday on the Water

fourthflagOur family loves the Fourth of July.

It’s right up there with Christmas, and when it comes to pure celebration, it probably overtakes it. Throw in some neices and a nephew, and it’s 3-4 days of water and sun and fireworks. fourthlukeWe had an awesome sunset the first night; lots of photos were taken. fourthcakeMy neice Carolyn has a July 1 birthday, so we traditionally have a cake for her each year. This year she’s 20!fourthpaddlersLuke and Jodi with air guitar and air bass.fourthpicnicLakeside picnics are the best!fourthannaA statement for the Second Amendment?!fourthfireworksWe watched the fireworks from the boat to avoid mosquitos. Some still found us!fourthgroupAnother Fourth of July in the books!