Beach Holiday

cancunfamWe had never been to Mexico before.

I won a week’s stay at a Cancun resort at an SDSU music department silent auction, and we decided to make the trip during the week of Thanksgiving, since the kids would miss the least amount of school during that time. What fun! cancunbeachAlthough it was windy most days, the sunrises were beautiful. When we were awake for them!cancunhotelThe view right outside our suite’s hallway door. The balcony on the left belonged to our room. Great views!

Election Night

dc7I found myself in Washington, DC on election day. It was purely by chance; I had a shoot the following day in Baltimore (followed by another day in Richmond, VA).

With all the hype with this historic election, it was an interesting place to be. But I was tired of all the noise. I chose to take a quiet walk around the Washington Mall after sunset, and photographed the monuments. dc1dc5dc8dc6dc3dc4dc2