Looking Back

20161230_clips_011I usually spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day cleaning up in the office, putting away the piles of paperwork and magazines that have accumulated throughout the busy fall season.

As I collect tearsheets and clips throughout the year, they all get pitched onto a heaping pile of paper in the closet. I sort the clips, throwing a few extras away so I don’t end up with too much stuff to add to the storage shelves.

Every year when I do this sorting, I wonder…why do I keep all of these? I don’t use them to garner attention for more assignments, I don’t enter contests any longer, and someday my kids will have to decide what to do with all of dad’s crap….they will likely keep a handful and throw the rest away.

I guess it’s just a habit…it’s hard to throw things away with your name on them. I have to admit, the most fun I get from keeping tearsheets is looking through the very oldest ones and noting the changes in lighting technique, lens use and the locations that have evolved over the years.

Above is a random collection of cover shots I pulled from the 2016 pile.